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Avail Yourself to Our Storage Fitzrovia Services Today!

Mobile Self Storage Fitzrovia W1

w1 lockable storage fitzroviaFitzrovia mobile self storage will ensure that you are able to get your storage in place without worrying as to whether you are going to be wasting time, money and effort on getting everything to the unit in the first place. Our self storage units that come to you is exactly what our service provides, ensuring that you get all the benefits of secure storage, but without the bother of organizing transport. The amount of effort that goes in to  self storage is ridiculous, what with hiring a van or a man and van service, and then doing all the lifting and shifting yourself, alongside the cost of it all, so have a serious think about our mobile services.

Self Storage Fitzrovia W1

wc1 storage facility fitzroviaSelf storage is a well loved method for getting rid of things that you do not need right now, but may well need in the near future! Whilst you don’t want to be saddled with W1 storage facility debts forever, you will likely want to get your extra bits and pieces put away quickly and easily, to ensure that you are not in a position where you are on the back foot over all. With our WC1 storage space, you can be sure to find a unit that will fit everything that you need to put away, so that you have enough room to carry on with your life successfully.

Home Storage Fitzrovia W1

w1 domestic storage fitzroviaFitzrovia home storage will ensure that you can keep using the space in your home to its maximum potential. Whether you are refurbishing the home, or you just want to get rid of a little bit of clutter, our secure storage in W1 and WC1 will be the safest option for your items. We aim to give you storage space at a price that you can work with, so be sure to give us a call before you try anyone else! No matter what you are storing, and no matter what kind of budget you are working to, it is essential that you look us up, as we may well have the answer for you!

Business Storage Fitzrovia W1

w1 office storage company fitzroviaBusiness storage is perfect if you feel like your company could do with a bit more space. You may not want to upgrade your business space, but you need a bit of room to add a couple of staff, or to just streamline the place in general. With office storage, we can accommodate all of your filing backlog, as well as unneeded office furniture. In fact, anything that you could want to get rid of temporarily, will go nicely in our WC1 storage facilities. It may well be the difference between a fast paced office and a less efficient one, so get in touch!

Student Storage Fitzrovia W1

wc1 student storage containers fitzroviaStudent storage is aimed towards any of you students who are wondering what to do with their furniture between terms or houses. At this stage in your life, nothing is really set or certain, and you will likely find that you can’t really commit to big expenditures. Worry not, as our W1 self storage prices are aimed towards all budgets, even for students! If you need storage room over the summer, or for even longer, then we may well be able to help you out, to save you driving it all home in an expensively rented van.

Secure Storage Fitzrovia W1

fitzrovia storage rental wc1Secure storage is exactly what you need if you are concerned about the wellbeing of your items whilst they are locked away. We aim to provide storage services that keep your items safe and sound at all times. This is said from both a security point of view as well as by way of the conditions in which everything is kept. Our storage units in Fitzrovia, W1 will ensure that your property is protected from both intruders and harsh conditions. The units protect against pests, damp and over heating, whilst also being pretty much impenetrable from the outside, unless you have the key!

Self Storage Units Fitzrovia W1

wc1 storage container rental fitzroviaSelf storage units will usually be the kind of thing that you don’t really consider until your are desperately short on space. However, if you were to look in to storage services before this happened, then you could likely reduce the pressure and panic it puts on you over all. With storage facilities in WC1, the relief from stress that you can gain is extremely useful, allowing you the space to think clearly about whatever it is that you are undertaking, from house renovations to office removals, we have you covered! Get in touch to hear about our great rates and units for all your storage needs.

Self Storage Rooms Fitzrovia W1

wc1 storage warehouse fitzroviaSelf storage rooms are basically the only option for anyone who ends that little bit of extra breathing room in their life. Change to the routine is good, but it does often mean over hauling things in a certain way, and if you are thinking or taking up table tennis, or building a dark room in the attic, then you are going to need a bit of space in which to do so. With storage services, we aim to ensure that your storage prayers are answered easily, and that you can get as much put away as you need to without breaking the bank. Our WC1 storage space is the perfect option for anyone who requires secure storage at a price that works for them, so try us out!

Storage Fitzrovia

wc1 temporary storage fitzroviaSelf storage prices go up and down, but with our W1 storage space, you can be assured that we are always aiming to give you the best value that we can. You would be staggered by the lengths that we go to price compare and check against our competition to bring you excellent value at all times. Storage services can be expensive, so we aim to give a great value service that will be perfect for any customer, as well as their budget! If you feel like you may be the sort who can use a service like ours, you have nothing to lose from giving us a call and finding out how we can help you out!

Excellent Prices on Storage Fitzrovia

Our storage Fitzrovia is the first choice when it comes to inexpensive storage solutions across W1 area.

Storage Unit Size Per Week Per Month 3 Months 6 Months
1x 35 sq ft unit £17,50 £70 £210 £420
2x 35 sq ft units £35 £140 £420 £840

*All prices are subject to VAT at 20%.

–°lients Say

Peter D


An excellent establishment. Staff are extremely helpful, the premises are spotless and well-climate controlled. There's ample parking, and convenience is maintained, even during busy times.

Thelma Bryan


The level of care and attention given to my items by the team at Business Storage Fitzrovia gave me peace of mind.



We had no difficulty renting a storage unit from Self Storage Fitzrovia as they walked us through the process and were very eager to address all our enquiries.

Malcolm C.


Our experience in hiring a unit with the team was outstanding, thanks to their remarkable storage service and support.

Ralph M.


It was a pleasure to do business with, all aspects were managed expertly and no problems occurred at any point.

Yvonne T.


You cannot get any better than this when it comes to moving; every single item of mine was well taken care off by these considerate professionals who didn't take any shortcuts when it came to covering every single detail possible. They deserve so much appreciation - thank you for everything you've done!!

Yasmin A


I chose to store with Business Storage Fitzrovia simply because they had the type of storage rooms I needed and gave me a good price for day-to-day storage. I'm glad I came across them when I did.

Aaron M.


I would recommend Self Storage Fitzrovia to anyone in the area looking for a decent storage place. They are affordable, and each time I have used them, they have taken very good care of my belongings.

Howie D.


I would definitely recommend Self Storage Fitzrovia for self storage, and always keep an eye out for their great deals.

Nadia C.


Removals and Storage Fitzrovia did everything they could to help me find a storage solution to meet my needs. All units were kept clean and tidy, and their prices are kept low too. There service was exactly what I was after.

Contact Information

Company name: Storage FitzroviaLtd.
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 07:00-00:00
Street address: 19 Great Titchfield Street, Soho
Postal code: W1W 8AZ
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Latitude: 51.5172440 Longitude: -0.1401920
E-mail: [email protected]
Description: If you are moving out your rental apartment and need an extra storage space W1 to store your belongings, rent a storage room WC1 or mobile storage system in Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury, Bayswater, Paddington, Hyde Park, Little Venice, Westbourne Green, etc.
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